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Shkorpilovtsi, situated eight kilometers east on the coast and reached by a good secondary road that follows the river. The town is named after two Czech brothers who were instrumental in bringing their expertise to advance Bulgarian archaeology in the late 19th century. Their work helped form the foundation for the Varna archaeological museum. Specializing in medieval Bulgarian archaeology, one of the brothers is buried at the medieval kingdom of Pliska.
Unfortunately, their namesake today is a typical village with little to recommend it. The same holds for the resort area nearby: the dune beach is decent but the run-down facilities. Two campgrounds, the Izgrev and the Horizont, are in the vicinity although the latter, which is situated next to the beach, appears to have been abandoned. The Izgrev sits farther inland on the river, just off the road toward Staro Oriachovo in a heavily wooded area that is a favorite gathering place for ravenous mosquitoes. With all due respect to the Shkorpil brothers, there are plenty of other areas more deserving of a visit.
The main road out of Staro Oriachovo climbs to the south, leveling out halfway to Byala at tiny RUDNIK where the incongruously-named Restaurant Jackson provides a convenient place for a pit-stop while watching cows graze in the pasture opposite..

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