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Rugged snow-capped peaks and soft green slopes, cool forests carrying the aroma of herbs and wild fruit, quick-flowing rivers and crystal-clear blue lakes, mineral springs and bioreserves, rare plants and game, large climatic and ski resorts and small picturesque villages with living traditions and folklore every Bulgarian mountain has its own characteristic appearance, fascination and beautiful name.
VITOSHA - The green mountain of the million-large Bulgarian capital Sofia, the most frequented Bulgarian mountain, attractive during any season, two wildlife reserves, three climatic zones, highest peak Cherni Vruh (2,286 in), varied flora and fauna, curative mineral springs and a rare natural phenomenon - eight Moraines, a popular mountain resort for winter holidays and skiing, modern hotels and ski facilities.
Vitosha offers skiing near Sofia - the capital of Bulgaria
Vitosha Aleko Vitosha Konyarnika Vitosha Vetrovala
h.Fiskulturnik-Vitosha h.Zvezditsa-Vitosha More Ski rest-houses
PIRIN - the country’s second highest mountain, highest peak Vihren (2,914 in); - 176 mountain lakes and about 100 varieties of rare plants, including the edelweiss and the famous Baikousheva fir, almost 1,300 years old; - location of the well-known climatic and spa resort of SANDANSKI and the latest Bulgarian ski center BANSKO.
See also information about Pirin National Park
Bansko Predela Dobrinishte
h.Kamenitza-Pirin h.Popovi Livadi-Pirin More Ski rest-houses
RILA - the most majestic Bulgarian Mountain, highest peak Moussala (2,925 m); - 219 high-mountain takes, over 2,000 plant varieties and a rich animal world; - the natural setting for Bulgaria's most famous monastery - RILA MONASTERY, and the country's oldest winter resort - BOROVETS.
Borovets Maljovitza Govedartzi
Rilski Ezera Panichishte Sapareva Bania
Bodrost-Blagoevgrad Semkovo h.Makedonija-Rila
h.Treshtenik-Rila h.Zavratchitza-Rila More Ski rest-houses
RHODOPE MOUNTAINS - The greenest and most picturesque Bulgarian mountains, linked with the legend of the mythical singer Orpheus, snow and sun, clean air, mild climate with a Mediterranean influence, original folklore and superb cuisine, cordial and hospitable people, the largest ski resort - Pamporovo, the most popular place for ecotourism - Momchilovtsi.
Pamporovo Chepelare Jundola
Biala Cherkva-Velingrad Belmeken Batak
Gela Momchilovci h.Zdravetz-Rodopi
h.Prespa-Rodopi h.Svoboda-Rodopi h.Hr.Smirnenski-Rodopi
h.Milevi Skali-Rodopi h.Sini Vrah-Rodopi h.Varhovrah-Rodopi
h.Persenk-Rodopi More Ski rest-houses
THE BALKAN RANGE (Stara Planina) - The mountain which gave its name to a peninsula - THE BALKAN PENINSULA, and life to a state - BULGARIA, the biggest and longest mountain chain crossing the entire country, highest peak Botev (2,376 m), 700 km long mountain ridge, ideal for hiking tours, steep rocks and intriguing caves , of equal attraction to tourists, mountaineers and speleologist, picturesque National Revival towns and museum villages, offering excellent possibilities for ecotourism: Kotel, Zheravna, Tryavna, Arbanassi, Bozhentsi, Etura.
Parshevitza-Vratza Vrah Kom-Berkovitza Ribaritza
Beklemeto-Trojan Uzana-Gabrovo TD Karandila-Sliven
h.Pleven-vr.Botev h.Chumerna-Stara Planina h.Benkovski-Teteven
h.Strajata-Stara Planina h.Rai-Stara Planina h.Buzludja-Stara Planina
h.Petrohan-Stara Planina   More Ski rest-houses
Tri Buki -Osogovo Bonsovi Poliani-Liulin Golo Bardo-Pernik
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