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Asparuhovo (population 840 inhabitants) is a small picturesque village, located at the foot of the Stara planina, in the picturesque defile of the Luda Kamchia River, at the bank of Tzonevo dam. It is situated 85 km southwest of Varna .According to archeological data the settlement sprang up as early as 8-9th century. Until the early 20th century it was called Ovchaga by the name of the fortress of the peasant leader Ivaylo. Later on the
village moved to another place and part of the old houses formed an architectural and ethnographic complex that carries the spirit of Bulgarian folklore.The beautiful nature, the intriguing architecture of the houses, the folklore and ethnographic values make the village of Asparuhovo an interesting tourist sight. Hidden at the foot of Stara planina this marvelous place illustrates the unique Bulgarian culture and traditional cuisine and offers wonderful opportunities for recreation and unforgettable experiences.

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