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The town of Nessebar (9437 inhabitants) is situated on a small peninsula and on the land jutted out into the sea, 37 km north-east of Bourgas and 429 km east of Sofia. Its beach is considered to be the best along the Black Sea coast. The big sandy strip of land between the town and the village of Ravda is covered with extremely fine and abundant clean golden sand. There are marvellous dunes next to the coast. The green copses by the sandy strips provide a cool
breath of air during the hot days. The town was founded on the place of a Thracian fisherman’s settlement that was named Menabryia, which meant the town of Mena (the founder of the settlement). In the 6th century BC it was a colony of the Megarus tribe from ancient Greece, immigrants from Byzantium and Kalhedon.
The churches in Nessebur are 41. Not all of them have preserved their full brilliance but even their present condition strongly impresses tourists. One of the oldest sights is the Basilica situated on the seashore, built most probably at the beginning of 5th century. The building had three naves, however only the foundations have remained today.

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