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The land of roses, Bulgaria, is a small country of ancient culture, scenic beauty, friendly people, hospitality and warmth. Bulgaria is situated in south-eastern Europe. It occupies the central part of Balkan peninsula on both sides of the Balkan
Range (the Balkans), from which the peninsula hase taken its name. The grater part of the northern border with Romania passes along the Danube, and the eastern border is the Black Sea.
The land borders with Yugoslavia and Macedonia to the west, with Turkey to the south-east, and with Greece to the south.
Bulgaria is a beautiful mountainous country, with tourism opportunities being one of its biggest assets. Bulgaria possesses beautiful landscapes and beaches, and is becoming a real resort paradise. The Black Sea Coast on its East border is famous for its fine sanded beaches, and perfect temperatures of water and air.
The larger seaside resorts draw huge crowds of tourists from Western Europe, who come attracted by the low prices.
Further, Bulgaria has around 600 natural mineral springs, with water temperatures ranging from 20 to 60 degrees Celsius, whose baths and health spas are famous tourist attractions. There has been very little done, however, as far as development and improvement of facilities. Bottled spring water presents wonderful underexplored opportunities as well. The spring water is rich in mineral elements and often runs unattended.
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  TarnovoLand - The web service for online reservations in houses and apartments in
the old capital city of Bulgaria - Veliko Tarnovo and the historical village Arbanassi.

Accommodation: 815 per person

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 PLOVDIV The Old Town Residence
  Old Town Residence has available 7 apartments, 2 studios and 1 VIP apartment. Apartments are furnished in Old-Russian court style, with Satellite TV, direct dialing, individually controlled air-conditioner, luxury bathrooms.   Apartment BB - BGN 100.00

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  Family hotel "Anhea" is a stylish building from the end of XIX century. Placed in the very heart of Veliko Turnovo it is next to many important administrative and business centers. We offer our guests a   ...
Beds: 10    Price: 60.00 leva   

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  Have a fun weekend while shopping at and watching the attractions of Veliko Tarnovo. Spend a fraction of the cost for what you would pay for expensive fashion brands elsewhere.Two nights, Two breakfasts, Two dinners-Price per person: 78 EUR   

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  The complex disposes of 7 double rooms, 1 studio, 2 apartments, 1 VIP apartment, all equipped with: - central, eating, self-contained bathrooms with shower cabin and hair-drier, telephone, cable TV, room service        Beds: 50    Price: 36.00 EUR

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  The complex offers 20 double rooms, 1 three-bed room, 2 rooms with matrimonial beds, 1 room with 1 matrimonial and 1 single bed, 1 room with 1 matrimonial and 2 single beds, 2 small suites, 1 double-room suite. 
  Beds: 50    Price: 40.00 EUR

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 Grand Hotel "V.Tarnovo" Hotel Veliko Turnovo
 "Premier" Hotel Veliko Turnovo
 "Grand Hotel Yantra" Hotel complex Veliko Turnovo
 "Royal Hills"new Guesthouse Veliko Turnovo
 "Etar" Hotel complex Veliko Turnovo
 "Central" Hotel Veliko Turnovo
 "Kiev" Hotel Veliko Turnovo
 "Varisha" Hotel Veliko Turnovo
 "Millenium" Hotel Veliko Turnovo
 "Gurko" Hotel Veliko Turnovo
 "Tashkov" Guesthouse Veliko Turnovo
 "Maximus" Complex Veliko Turnovo
 "Teddys Dolls" Guesthouse Veliko Turnovo
 "Geranium" Guesthouse Arbanassi
 "Prestige" Hotel Arbanassi
 "Izvora" Complex Arbanassi
 "White house" Guesthouse Arbanassi
 "Arbanashka Sreshta" Hotel and Tavern Arbanassi
 "Faklite" Guesthouse Arbanassi
 "Tonchova house" Guesthouse Arbanassi
 "Arbanassi" Hotel Arbanassi
 "Arbanashka house" Guesthouse Arbanassi
 "Faklite" Guesthouse Arbanassi
 "Bohemi" Hotel Arbanassi
 "Chanovete" Guesthouse Arbanassi
 "Darakchievi house" Guesthouse Arbanassi
 "The Doctors house" Guesthouse Arbanassi
 "Gallery" Hotel Arbanassi
 "Panorama" Hotel Arbanassi
 "The popska house" Guesthouse Arbanassi
 "Pri Chakura" Hotel Arbanassi
 "Ralo house" Guesthousen Arbanassi
 "Rumiana house" Guesthouse Arbanassi
 "Tonchovata kashta" Hotel Arbanassi
 "Vanda" Hotel Arbanassi
 "Viatur" Hotel Arbanassi
 "Vila Izvora" Hotel Arbanassi
 "Boliarska sreshta" Hotel Arbanassi
 "Tvorcheska" Guesthouse Arbanassi
 "Boliarska kasta" Hotel Arbanassi
Bulgaria is a country which offers interesting possibilities for enthusiasts of the "special interest holidays" formula. Combining your holiday with your favorite hobby could turn into the unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Bulgaria offers all the necessary conditions for an untraditional rural vacation - old Bulgarian towns, monasteries and difirent kinds of museums, thracian treasures and icon-painting, dozens of picturesque large and small settlements, fine old homes with an unspoilt rural environment and traditional lifestyle, adjoining yards with domestic animals and gardens, ecologically clean regions and pastoral landscape, well-organized welcome and services for guests with typical Bulgarian hospitality, traditional cuisine and, above all - a unique blend of natural scenery with history, folklore, national arts and crafts, colourful festivals and customs.
The Unfamiliar Bulgaria The Route of Wine The Colours of Bulgaria
The Rose Valley Health&Traditions A Journeyin the Past

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