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The land of roses, Bulgaria, is a small country of ancient culture, scenic beauty, friendly people, hospitality and warmth. Bulgaria is situated in south-eastern Europe. It occupies the central part of Balkan peninsula on both sides of the Balkan Range (the Balkans), from which the peninsula has taken its name. The grater part of the northern border with Romania passes along the Danube, and the eastern border is the Black Sea. The land borders with Yugoslavia and Macedonia to the west, with Turkey to the south-east, and with Greece to the south.
Bulgaria is a beautiful mountainous country, with tourism opportunities being one of its biggest assets. Bulgaria possesses beautiful landscapes and beaches, and is becoming a real resort paradise. The Black Sea Coast on its East border is famous for its fine sanded beaches, and perfect temperatures of water and air.
The larger seaside resorts draw huge crowds of tourists from Western Europe, who come attracted by the low prices.
Further, Bulgaria has around 600 natural mineral springs, with water temperatures ranging from 20 to 60 degrees Celsius, whose baths and health spas are famous tourist attractions. There has been very little done, however, as far as development and improvement of facilities. Bottled spring water presents wonderful under explored opportunities as well. The spring water is rich in mineral elements and often runs unattended.


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