... of the picturesque Möll valley. It is the most southern glacier ski resort in Austria. The fastest and most convienent access to the glacier is via the Tauern high way (Taernautobahn) A 10, exit Lienz / Lendorf and then along the Drautalbundesstrasse B 100 until one reaches the Möll brige. From there one should continue on the Mölltalbundesstrasse B 106 in direction Flattach. In Flattach then take the connecting road to Innerfragant / Mölltall glacier. The road ends right at the Mölltaler Gletscher Express, the cableway that transports the winter sports fans within 8 minutes to the middle station on 2.200 m above sea level.»

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The Mölltal glacier :: Austria - is situated in western Kärnten, right in the heart  ...
 Source: www.gletschercam.peak.at
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