and is located 77 kms west of Madrid, Spain. It hosts a 35-metre antenna with transmission and reception in X-band and reception in Ka-band. It provides daily support to Venus Express for routine operations and back-up support to Mars Express.
Location || 40.453°N, 4.367°W
The coordinates of the 35m antenna are 40.45268986° North and 4.36754881° West, and the antenna is sited at 794.1 metres with respect to the GRS 80 geocentric coordinates, epoch 2005, day 65 (6 March 2005). The GRS 80, or Geodetic Reference System 1980, coordinate system is a geodetic reference system consisting of a global reference ellipsoid and a gravity field model.
The ground station is situated about 12 kms south of Cebreros; Cebreros is situated in the province of Avila.
Cebreros' technical facilities comprise X-band transmission and X- and Ka-Band reception, plus facilities for tacking, telemetry, telecommand and radiometric measurements (ranging, Doppler, meteo) »

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