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In the 5th-7th cc on the territory of Veliko Turnovo rose Zikideva the largest Byzantine settlement in the province of Moesia Inferrior. Its citadel was situated on the strongly fortified Tsarevets Hill.
In the 9th c on the ruins of the Early Byzantina citadel on Tsarevets Hill grew up a Bulgarian medieval settlement. Gradually it extended during the period of the First Bulgarian Kingdom and especially during the period of the Byzantine rule. In the 12th settlement was already fortified and within in were erected a nobleman's castle and several Christian religions buildings. The rebellion against Byzantium was proclaimed in 1185 during the consecration of the Church of "St.Demetrius " -The leaders of the rebellion were two local noblemen - the brothers Peter and Assen. Bulgaria recovered its independence and Turnovo became its capital. And for more than two centuries the town was the political, economic and cultural centre of the state.
The mail fortress was on Tsarevets Hill-within it was the Royal Palace - an enclosed fort with representative, administrative and residential buildings.
The Residence of the Bulgarian patriarche rose at the hightest site of the hill. The Patriarchal Church of the Ascension where the relics of St.Michael the Warrior of Potouka were kept was in the centre of the inner courtyard.
Between the strongly fortified hills of Tsarevetz and Trapesitsa, along the Jantra river in the so - called "New City" were built six churches .Around some of them there were monastries. The most famous were:"The Great Laura" around the church of the Forty Holy Martyrs and the Monastery around the SS Peter and Paul church. At the south-eastern slope of Tsarevets Hill was the Quarter of the forein merchants, known, under the me of Frenk Hissar. In that time Bulgarian was in trade relations with Venice, Genua,Dubrovnik,Pisa.
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