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Varvara is a traditional Bulgarian village, known with its fishing, placed 3 km North from Ahtopol and 5 km South from Carevo. The lack of noisy beaches and the presence of cool wine yard shadows in the typical Bulgarian houses turn the village into preferable place for rest for people of art and everyone who looks for tranquility and secludness. Varvara is also a
preferable place for divers, thanks to its rocky coast and clean sea, and for the ones who prefer beaches - those could be found in the close Ahtopol, just several minutes away.
Varvara is an old fishing village, which became a tourist destination in the last ten years. In the middle of the 19th century the place was uninhabited. There was only one little monastery, called "St. Varvara", treasured by the people of the near towns - Carevo, Ahtopol, Kosti and Brodilovo.
Before the migration in 1913 with people coming from South Trakia, Varvara was part of Christian Ludwig Thomas's map from 1788 under the name Vardarah. Under the same name it could be found on the map of Maks Shimek (1748-1798). On the near Papia peak there are ruins of Middleaged castle. Dialect of the ivasors is close to Hasekijan one.
At the beginning of 20th century people's occupation were mainly coal and land. Public counting in 1926 gives the number of 72 houses with 239 citizens, 174 of whom were refugees from South Trakia. Now there are 270 people livinig in Varvara More »
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Varvara is between the virgin Strandzha Mauntains and the Black sea and it is neighbourhood. It is famous for its annual “nestinarski” dances in a central place of Varvara – all dancers are playing barefoot on the live coals. The hotel complex offers one of the best locations possible – 350 meters away from the sea, surrounded by lovely unique nature »
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At the family hotel Cherno More you will find everything needed to make your stay a pleasurable experience. All rooms are equipped with private bathrooms, air conditioning, TV and a refrigerator. Each room has its own private balcony. The restaurant at the hotel offers its guests traditional Bulgarian cuisine. Fresh fish from the Black Sea is just one of the  »
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The extraordinary multicoloured building of The Colourful Mansion in Varvara has managed to become a real fashion attraction in the few months since it was built. Many Bulgarians stop to take pictures of it as they follow the road on the Black Sea Southern Coast towards the frontier (Bourgas-Sozopol-Varvara-Sinemorets-Rezovo). It s quite usual ? »
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