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Sinemorets's new-found fame rests on its two beaches: the south beach ... is a dazzling expanse of fine white sand bordered by rocky promontories .... More spectacular still is the beach to the north, a kilometre-long sand bar that slows the progress of the River Veleka towards the sea. Framed by low green hills, it's one of the most beautiful spots on the Black Sea coast.  

The village lies 6 km south of Ahtopol. It features two beautiful beaches - one to the north, representing a pretty wide strip of sand bordering the mouth of the Veleka river from one shore to the other and another one to the south stretching between jutty rocks. The former is less populated due to its hard access via a dirt road, and is preferred by young liberal people, nudists and those in search of solitude. The south one in turn is rather crowded during the peak season for it is easy accessible by car and tourist-friendliness for two large pubs where from one can buy fast food and refreshments.
Before the fall of communism in 1989, the village was a part of the restricted border area due to its proximity to the Bulgarian-Turkish border and access was not allowed to outsiders. Since the abolishment of restrictions, its beautiful and intact nature has appealed to wealthy people, who have rushed to buy land and build luxurious villas there. Gradually, the village has grown into modern medium-class resort with its average price level of accommodation and outdoor food being higher than e.g. in the neighbouring villages of Ahtopol or Rezovo. Yet one can still see few traditional dilapidated houses of local people, which stand awkwardly against the imposing villas of newcomers..  More »
 Sinemorets  VILLA "VICTORIA" »
Villa Victoria is a newly built four storey private hotel only 50 m away from the forest of the 'Silistar' natural reserve. The villa is featuring nine nice rooms each equipped with a private bath facility, a doorway and a spacious terrace; a bedroom suite plus a single bed; as well as a refrigerator and cable TV to further ensure the comfort of its guests. The restaurant »
 Sinemorets  VILLA "FILADELFIA" »
Located in the Bulgarian Black Sea town of Sinemoretz, Villa Philadelphia is a cozy six-room inn which offers exclusive service in a charming setting and an unparalleled chance to relax away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The guestrooms are elegant and comfortable. Each room comes with a private bathroom, its own deck with panoramic »
 Sinemorets  COMPLEX "DOMINGO" »
Domingo Hotel Complex consists of two two-storeyed buildings in the style of old houses of Koprivshtitsa, emanating a spirit of hospitality, which are connected in between and with an open-air restaurant and an open-air swimming pool. The Complex offers to its guests throughout the whole year: 34 double rooms - TV, refrigerator, bath 3 triple rooms, 1 single room »
 Sinemorets  HOTEL "BAVARIAЯ" »
Hotel " Bavaria" Sinemoretz is located in the town of Sinemoretz, a marvellous village with some of the best beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The hotel offers a 4 double and 2 triple rooms with a sea view veranda.Needless to say you have a cable TV, free internet (wireless conection) access, toilet, fridge, airconditioner in every room. At your »
 Sinemorets  HOTEL "SINEMORETS" »
Hotel Sinemoretz is a front line of the beach, where Weleka river has a wonderful verdure. The hotel has 20 rooms for 2 or 3 persons and 5 apartments with a view to the Black sea, lobby bar and a pharmacy. Each room has own bathroom, TV, fridge and a terrace.The village is located on peninsula. You can find perfect combination of clear beaches and fresh »
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